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Numismatica Felsinea - Live Auction

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System requirements

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8: latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.
Mac Os X: latest versions of Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome.

Internet connection: a 2Mbps Adsl or higher is required. We remind You that the auction house and Bid Inside are not responsible and will not take charge of connection problems, both user side and auction room side. These problems that can possibly happen regardless auction house will.

In order to listen to the live audio from the auction room, if available, you need speakers or an headset.
In addition you need to install Adobe Flash Player (most browsers already have it), downloadable for free from this website.
If You do see the black player in the 'Auction Room Audio' window, it means you already have Flash.
Devices like iPhone or iPad aren't compatible with Flash technology so they won't allow you to listen to the audio.

Numismatica Felsinea